DAEMON Sync 2.2

App to synchronize and share files between your PC and mobile devices
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DAEMON Sync lets you synchronize and share files between your PC and mobile devices. Using this app, you will no longer need to connect your phone via USB to upload a file to your computer. Instead, using your local wireless connection, you can quickly share photos, music, and videos among your devices without uploading them to the web. The server app works together with its Android and iOS counterparts.

DAEMON Sync server will create a folder in your PC with individual sub-folders for each mobile device that is linked to it. To tie the server and mobile app together, you only need to enter a PIN code and, of course, both devices need to be connected to the same network. Once the apps are linked, you simply tap the Sync option in your mobile and all media files will be transferred to the PC. By default, the application transfers photos, videos, and screenshots from the device internal memory, but it is also possible to add custom folders to sync, for example, from an external memory card. Besides, the app will organize files in separate folders, which is a neat feature.

For file transfers from PC to device, the process is even easier. The server app adds an entry to the Windows context menu, letting you share files directly from the Windows Explorer. In addition to photos and media files, you can also send documents, APK files, compressed archives, and other file types. The mobile app will notify you when the transfer is completed. Unfortunately, DAEMON Sync allows you to transfer one file at a time. The multiple file transfer feature can be purchased from the mobile app.

The server app provides a web interface where you can manage your devices, set a different storage folder, define a server name, among other options.

DAEMON Sync is very easy to install and use. Best of all, it makes file transfers between mobile devices and PC easy and incredibly fast.

Mariel Rearte
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  • File transfers are really fast
  • Quick and easy setup and connection of devices
  • Notifications in the server and mobile app
  • Supports all types of files


  • Does not support multiple file transfers
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